KnowledgeLink Interactive Inc., a provider of business intelligence solutions for business, announced it has changed its name to, effective immediately.’s main product is the Powerize Server, The Corporate Portal Machine, formerly called PerSavant. With the Powerize Server, an organization can create a secure in-house information service for its employees – an intranet-based portal that enables users to conduct ad hoc research against multiple and distributed information sources, and create research agents that constantly monitor those sources for new and important information. The Powerize Server can access a wide range of intranet sources including any ODBC database, Lotus Notes databases, and document collections indexed by tools from Documentum, Excalibur, and Verity; any free or paid site on the Internet; newsfeeds from providers such as NewsEdge; and professional online services from providers such as Dialog, and Infonautics. Separately Powersize announced a deal with Vignette to use their syndication server.