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Cisco Joins UPnP Forum

Cisco Systems, Inc. announced its membership in the Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) Forum, an industry group focused on enabling the emergence of easily connected Internet devices in home networks. This industry group will define specifications that utilize XML. These specifications will compliment the work being done in the IETF Zero Configuration Working Group by Cisco and other industry leaders. More information about the UPnP Forum can be found at More information about the IETF Zero Configuration Working Group can be found at,

Excalibur Delivers Portal Solution for FileNET Panagon

Excalibur Technologies announced availability of Excalibur RetrievalWare for FileNET Panagon, along with beta support for Panagon 2000, which it plans to deliver in Q1 2000. Excalibur RetrievalWare for FileNET Panagon IDM (Integrated Document Management) Document Services provides access to all information managed by Panagon as well as a single point of access, or knowledge portal, to all of the organization’s knowledge repositories. It enables end-users to seamlessly and securely search for information in a variety of FileNET document repositories and provides customers with proprietary advanced ranking capabilities to allow searches to be reviewed based on relevance. Using the new system, knowledge workers spend less time looking for and re-creating stored knowledge, and more time creating value for their organizations. In addition, RetrievalWare for Panagon features close integration with the Panagon security model and with the Panagon web browser client to ensure that RetrievalWare will never allow a user to retrieve a document they are not able to view when working inside Panagon.

IntraNet Solutions Invests in ActiveIQ

IntraNet Solutions announced that it has made a strategic investment in activeIQ Technologies, a technology start-up company that is developing internet commerce communities and knowledge categorization technology. Content characterization technology analyzes the structure of documents and classifies them automatically into an ordered system. This technology can help organizations create Web applications that have Yahoo-like Internet category directories that users can easily search and navigate to locate precise information.,

BroadVision to Resell Verity K2 E-Commerce Search Server

BroadVision, Inc. and Verity, Inc. announced they have broadened their OEM alliance in the e-commerce arena. Under the amended terms of the agreement, BroadVision is licensed to resell the Verity K2 Search Server, a high-performance, high-availability search system, to BroadVision customers seeking knowledge retrieval capabilities including scalability and advanced search. Verity’s core search features have been incorporated in BroadVision One-To-One Enterprise since 1997, and the amended agreement allows BroadVision to sell Verity’s latest, most scalable and most advanced system.,

StarBurst Rolls Out Content Distribution Management for Linux

StarBurst Software announced it has optimized a version of its software to support reliable and scalable content distribution management on Linux-based operating systems. StarBurst OmniCast software will enable organizations of all sizes to distribute rich content to tens of thousands of servers simultaneously using the Linux operating system. StarBurst’s software is based upon a developer’s kit from Red Hat. StarBurst’s OmniCast content distribution management software will support Red Hat Linux version 6.0 or higher for extended Internet and enterprise deployments, including scalable broadband and non-broadband content distribution management over dedicated lines, the Internet or any IP network, to all targets simultaneously.

ebaseOne Forms Hosting Partnership with Altris

ebaseOne Corporation and Altris Software Inc. announced that they have entered into a partnership to host eB and deliver, Altris’ new Internet-based, business-to-business electronic document management portal for e-commerce. Altris’ eB technology is an enterprise class, server-based electronic document management system providing sophisticated document acquisition, management, integration and distribution of both office and complex technical documents across an entire enterprise. eB provides corporate knowledge workers with an electronic document management solution. With the addition of the portal, knowledge workers will now have fast and easy access to their documents via the Internet.,

IXOS-Archive 4.0 with XML Access Available

IXOS SOFTWARE AG announced the immediate availability of IXOS-ARCHIVE 4.0, the new version of its Business Document System (BDS). Announced in October of this year, IXOS-ARCHIVE 4.0 incorporates Java and XML technology and provides an extended range of services. Additionally, the IXOS-DocuLink component enables users to access business transactions and related documents in off-line mode. With IXOS-ARCHIVE 4.0, groupware users can now be integrated in business processes in their familiar application environment. IXOS-ARCHIVE 4.0, in conjunction with the IXOS-DocuLink module, enables users in off-line mode to manage business documents from every conceivable origin, within the SAP R/3 infrastructure. In IXOS-ARCHIVE 4.0, XML is used to assign business document attributes, which represent information and metadata in a system-independent form. This means that documents can be extracted out of the SAP R/3 context and can be retrieved via XML-capable browsers. Incorporating this global standard helps all IXOS customers leverage their investment and allows them to link their archiving system with their e-business applications. IXOS-ARCHIVE 4.0 is now available in English and German language versions. Other international language versions are intended for delivery in two months.

Altris Unveils

Altris Software, Inc. unveiled (“DocDepo”), the new business unit that delivers documents over the Internet utilizing the ASP model. Altris will employ its new e-Business product, eB, as the core software for DocDepo. Altris is aggressively pursuing partnerships with ASPs to deliver DocDepo capabilities. The rapidly developing ASP model will deliver benefits to customers in Altris’ vertical markets, freeing them from the time-consuming burden of technology management and allowing them to better focus on their main business issues. The ASP, with DocDepo will provide access to documents within e-Commerce applications such as Customer Relationship Management, Supply Chain Management, Financial, ERP, and Human Resources.

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