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HighWire Press Partners with TEMIS

HighWire Press, the provider of hosting and web publishing platforms to scholarly publishers and TEMIS, provider of Semantic Content Enrichment solutions for the Enterprise, announced today they entered into a strategic technology and business partnership. Under the agreement, HighWire will integrate the full suite of Luxid software within its ePublishing Platform to provide automated content annotation, enrichment and linking to its customers.

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Sencha Secures $15 Million in Funding, Launches Mobile HTML5 Cloud

To accelerate the development of HTML5 tools, Sencha, a provider of HTML5 frameworks and tools for desktop and mobile application developers, has completed a $15 million series B round of funding. Sencha raised $14 million funding in June, 2010. Additionally, the company also announced the public beta launch of, its new HTML5 mobile cloud service. The service will allow Sencha app developers to build “shared experiences” in the browser, without having to write server code or manage hosting.

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Getting to Yes on Enterprise 2.0 in Your Company

Today we highlight Workshop D: Getting to Yes on Enterprise 2.0 in Your Company taking place at Gilbane Boston, November 29, 1:00pm – 4:00pm at the Westin Boston Waterfront.

This workshop provides attendees with the tools to construct a business case for collaborative and social tools in their companies, sell the proposal to senior management, and ensure buy-in and use by company employees. The workshop is a practical blend of presentations and hands-on working sessions where participants will begin to construct their own program for selling and introducing Enterprise 2.0 tools and strategies to their own companies. Topics include:

  • Use cases for key Enterprise 2.0 tools
  • Barriers and objections from senior management and how to counter
  • Elements of a business case for Enterprise 2.0
  • Success factors in introducing Enterprise 2.0 and how to drive utilization,
  • Metrics for measuring the success of Enterprise 2.0 initiatives.

Instructor: Marc Strohlein, Principal Consultant, Agile Business Logic

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Facebook Intros HTML5 Resource Center

Facebook launched its HTML5 Resource Center to help developers build, test, and deploy new applications using the Web development language. The new resource center made its first appearance just two weeks after Facebook launched its HTML5-based Facebook Platform, which allows developers to use the social network as a platform to deploy mobile applications. The move also enables Facebook to build a marketplace for its own applications without needing an operating system of its own. To encourage developers to get started, Facebook has released three new HTML5 resources. The first is the aforementioned HTML5 Resource Center, which provides developers with tools and advice to build, test, and deploy Web apps. The resource center offers some tricks of the trade and includes some examples of how to use other Web standards such as CSS3 and Javascript to deliver rich experiences to websites. In addition, Facebook has launched an HTML5 Blog, which covers a wide array of HTML5 topics written by Facebook staff members and other industry experts. The final piece to the HTML5 puzzle is a new Developer Group, which Facebook will use as a venue for developers to raise questions and share insights with their colleagues.

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IBM Unveils Big Data Software

IBM unveiled new software for managing and analyzing big data to the workplace. The new offerings span a wide variety of big data and business analytics technologies across multiple platforms from mobile devices to the data center to IBM’s SmartCloud. Now employees from any department inside an organization can explore unstructured data such as Twitter feeds, Facebook posts, weather data, log files, genomic data and video, and make sense of it as part of their everyday work experience. IBM is also placing the power of mobile analytics into the hands of iPad users with a free download in Apple’s iTunes Store. The new software is designed to help employees in industries such as financial services, healthcare, government, communications, retail, and travel and transportation use and benefit from business analytics on the go. IBM is delivering new analytics and information management offerings: New Hadoop-based analytics software on the cloud, which helps employees tap into massive amounts of unstructured data from a variety of sources including social networks, mobile devices and sensors; New mobile analytics software for iPad users; and new predictive analytics software with a mapping feature that can be used across industries for marketing campaigns, retail store allocation, crime prevention, and academic assessment.

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Adobe Announces Availability of AudienceResearch

Adobe Systems Incorporated announced the immediate availability of Adobe AudienceResearch, a new audience measurement tool that provides publishers and digital marketers with certified metrics on the size and engagement of digital audiences for websites, mobile applications and digital magazine editions. These key metrics are captured by Adobe SiteCatalyst, an online analytics application, and provide publishers with the information critical to attract advertising dollars. AudienceResearch is available at no additional cost to SiteCatalyst customers. In conjunction with AudienceResearch, the company also announced the general availability of the Adobe Audience Certification Program. Under this program, publishers become Adobe Certified Publishers, meaning Adobe has certified that their digital audience data meets certain criteria regarding the accuracy of data collection and reporting. Adobe Certified Publishers can contribute their data to the AudienceResearch tool. AudienceResearch provides census-based measurement of metrics, meaning that the metrics are generated by counting all relevant traffic, a method considered more accurate and representative of actual traffic and behavior than panel-based methods. Panel-based methods monitor the behavior of a small group of volunteer consumers (i.e. the panel) and then use statistics to generate estimate metrics. The statistically generated results from panel-based estimates often differ significantly from census-based results and have been a point of controversy in the advertising industry. Additionally, publishers using the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite to create digital magazine editions for tablet devices may elect to have their metrics automatically certified as analytics is natively built into the Digital Publishing Suite. This native integration ensures the integrity of data collection.

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Oracle Buys Endeca

Oracle announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Endeca Technologies, Inc., a provider of unstructured data management, web commerce and business intelligence solutions. A privately-held company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Endeca provides products that help companies analyze unstructured data, gain better business intelligence, and deliver a better customer experience. Endeca’s core technology, the MDEX Engine, is designed to enable enterprises to correlate and analyze unstructured data. Endeca InFront is a leading customer experience management platform that enables businesses to deliver targeted and relevant customer experiences online with merchandising and content targeting tools for web commerce. Endeca Latitude is a technology platform that enables businesses to rapidly develop analytic applications bringing information from many unstructured and structured information sources together. The combination of Oracle and Endeca is expected to create a comprehensive technology platform to process, store, manage, search and analyze structured and unstructured information together. The combination of Oracle ATG Commerce and Endeca InFront is expected to enhance cross-channel commerce, merchandising, and online customer experiences. The combination of Oracle Business Intelligence and Endeca Latitude is expected to provide a comprehensive business intelligence foundation and analytic applications, bringing together information from structured and unstructured data sources. The transaction is subject to customary closing conditions and is expected to close before the end of 2011. Until the deal closes, each company will continue to operate independently.

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India’s MCA XBRL Filing Platform Launched

India`s Ministry of Corporate Affairs has been working to strengthen the disclosure framework to bring Indian reporting systems on par with best practices from around the world. With the launch of their XBRL filing platform, India joined the ranks of leading countries who have embraced XBRL to improve disclosure standards and improve corporate governance. XBRL or eXtensible Business reporting language is the next generation language for business reporting that is beginning to be used all over the world. In India, XBRL has been embraced earlier by the two leading stock exchanges, namely, the Bombay Stock exchange and the National Stock Exchange, by the capital markets regulator, the Securities Exchange Board of India and by the Reserve Bank of India. According to the MCA circular, all listed companies and their subsidiaries, all firms with a turnover in excess of Rs 100 crore or those with a paid up capital of over Rs 5 crore are required to file in XBRL. It is expected that over 31,000 companies will have to file in XBRL. The ministry has also made it clear that the ruling will be extended to all companies next year, based on the experience of this year.

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OpenText Delivers New Offering for Social Business

OpenText announced a new release of OpenText Social Communities (version 8.1), designed to help companies promote and drive the shift to a social business model. It combines a comprehensive social framework with a set of applications for building and engaging communities. This new release builds on the security and governance of the OpenText ECM Suite to apply appropriate controls to social objects. This is designed to create a safe environment of dialogue to foster informal collaboration and networking to help improve internal collaboration. Social Communities now integrates with OpenText Wave, OpenText’s Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP), which allows organizations to create, develop, and deliver mobile applications for employees, partners, and customers. Integration with OpenText Web and Social Analytics offers the ability to monitor and measure social activity. To help promote and manage sharing between public social networking sites into a community site, Social Communities now gives users the ability to post content from a community site to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ and other social networks. Social Communities 8.1 provides a set of social applications for social intranet, social marketing and social workplace workloads. These are complemented by reusable and adaptable site templates with the flexibility to combine features as needed to meet specific goals, such as launching a brand, product or campaign.

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Integrating Website and Mobile Strategy for Consistent Customer Engagement

Today we highlight Workshop B: Integrating Website and Mobile Strategy for Consistent Customer Engagement taking place at Gilbane Boston, November 29, 9:00am – 12:00pm at the Westin Boston Waterfront.

You’ve heard all the talk about web engagement management. You’ve read about web and content optimization for contextual consumption. You may even have preached to others about the rise of mobile-, social-, and personal-ization. We suppose you could even be doing some of these successfully, but we doubt it. These are just a few a few of the sexiest, most contemporary practices that everyone likes to talk about but no one is really doing… but they should.

In this workshop, renowned author and digital marketing expert Robert Rose teams up with industry analyst and web content management expert Scott Liewehr to teach you how to realize true web engagement across web and mobile channels for your organization. Robert and Scott will teach attendees how to integrate content optimization into the marketing process by pragmatically focusing on three of the primary aspects of web engagement: testing, targeting and contextual design. The workshop walk attendees through a step-by-step approach to each practice, focusing on both the marketing process implications as well as the implementation and operationalization aspects. Web engagement management is more process than technology, so while you may not be able to buy it in a box, you can learn an awful lot about how to implement it in three entertaining, fun-filled and educational hours.

You’ll also receive Robert’s brand new book, co-authored with Joe Pulizzi: Managing Content Marketing: The Real-World Guide for Creating Passionate Subscribers to Your Brand.

Instructors: Scott Liewehr, Lead Analyst WCM, Outsell Gilbane, and Rob Rose, Chief Troublemaker, Big Blue Moose

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