Here we publish the occasional reports, white papers, surveys, podcasts, etc., that are not one of our regular publications.

Blogging Research from the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth


Nora Barnes has released the results of research into blogging from the Center for Marketing Research at UMass Dartmouth, where she is the Director and a Professor. This is a welcome addition to the sparse collection of research that has been conducted to date. The published report is free and is available (as a 1.3mb PDF) here, or from the Center, where there is also a link to a podcast of an interview with Nora, and links to comments from others on the study.

Podcast from XBRL Session at Gilbane Boston 2005


Vince Wicker & Mike Wayne of The XBRL Show recorded our session on XBRL – Current State of the Art at the Gilbane Boston conference, and created a very useful 20-minute-or-so podcast. Thanks Vince & Mike!

Video of CMS Idol Competition at Gilbane Boston 2005


Bob Doyle of CMS Review was kind enough to film the “CMS Idol” competition at our recent Boston Conference. Tony Byrne of CMSWatch hosted and the judges were Theresa Regli, Lisa Welchman, and Erik Hartman. This was a big hit and you can now view Bob’s video, which is encoded as QuickTime suitable for Podcasting (iPod 320×240). (You should use the latest QuickTime player.) Vendors included Ektron, FatWire, Interwoven, RedDot, Stellent, and WebSideStory. All did a great job!

Survey on Enterprise use of Blog, Wiki, & RSS Technology


This was a very informal (i.e., no pretense of statistical rigor) web survey conducted in the spring and summer of 2005. Nonetheless it is interesting, especially since the large analyst firms who typically publish this kind of quantitative research have yet to do so (as of the end of 2005). more …

Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance White Paper

May 16, 2005

We worked with the Compliance Consortium on a paper about governance, risk management and compliance. The paper is now available as a public draft, and comments are welcome. Also, see co-author Bill Zoellick’s comments on this paper and XBRL on our blog. Note that the Compliance Consortium merged with the Open Compliance and Ethics Group (OCEG) in June 2005.

Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance: An Operational Approach

Bill Zoellick,
Ted Frank


The Compliance Consortium has found that it is critically important for boards of directors and for senior management to become actively involved in setting governance, risk management, and compliance objectives. Since the range of governance, risk management, and compliance concerns is very broad, boards and management need a way to organize and prioritize objectives. This paper provides an operational approach to setting objectives and to creating and monitoring the programs to attain them. It also includes a list of key questions that board members and management can use as a way to begin assessment of an organization’s governance, risk management, and compliance programs.

Download the full Report