As we did last year we’ve posed some of our attendees’ most frequently asked questions to speakers who will be at this year’s Gilbane Conference. Today we’re spotlighting Tom Alexander, Founder and CEO, PK4 Media, Inc. You can see all Speaker Spotlights from our upcoming conference as well as last year’s event.

Given that there are more smartphones than PCs on the planet and both will be important for the foreseeable future, how should organization’s content delivery priorities and technologies change? How is yours changing?

Organizations should definitely align their content delivery priorities to reach their target audiences not only on desktop, but also on mobile and tablet devices. Marketers need to be cognizant of which platforms their audience uses to interact with their content. Aligning the content strategy to ensure they are connecting with their target audience in an appropriate manner is very important. Many technologies silo content delivery to specific platforms, however, audiences typically jump between multiple devices and screens. Using a true cross-platform technology that can optimize delivery to the best performing placements will be a more efficient and cost-effective way to reach the target audience no matter what device they are using.

Marketing is the most talked about discipline that needs to take on more responsibility for technology to be effective. What can other departments learn from the discussion around marketing technology and marketing technologists.

Technology allows processes to be automated and it also provides marketers with an extensive pool of information data. This data allows other departments in an organization to learn more about their target audiences. As the information gathered about their behavior online, across tablets and mobile devices and offline behavior becomes more apparent, other departments can create new and different ways to interact with customers.

Although sometimes used interchangeably ‘content strategy’ and ‘content marketing’ refer to very different though often connected disciplines. How and where should these activities be organized?

Content strategy and content marketing should always be aligned. In order to make the greatest impact with your content, there needs to be a specific strategy in regards to where the content will appear. At the same time, specific pieces of content need to be created to meet the needs of the audience viewing them. Strategy and marketing must work hand-in-hand to be most effective.

Does the ‘internet of things’ have an immediate or near-term impact on your organization’s information or collaboration infrastructure? How so?

PK4 Media, being a technology company, is in tune to the latest and greatest connectivity options, so the Internet of Things could definitely come into play for our infrastructure in the future.

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