As we did last year we’ve posed some of our attendees’ most frequently asked questions to speakers who will be at this year’s Gilbane Conference. Today we’re spotlighting Pawan Deshpande, Founder & CEO, Curata. You can see all Speaker Spotlights from our upcoming conference as well as last year’s event.

Pawan Deshpande | Gilbane conferencePawan Deshpande

Founder & CEO, Curata

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Given that there are more smartphones than PCs on the planet and both will be important for the foreseeable future, how should organization’s content delivery priorities and technologies change? How is yours changing?

Mobile forces simplicity and succinctness, for two reasons, limited screen real estate and limited attention spans, because content is often consumed in a casual setting with other interruptions. It’s forcing us to boil our content, and messages down to the minimum and shed all the excess.

Marketing is the most talked about discipline that needs to take on more responsibility for technology to be effective. What can other departments learn from the discussion around marketing technology and marketing technologists.

There is so much discussion about technology for marketing these days because marketing in many ways is the last one to resist technology. Other disciplines have already learned and rely heavily on technology. For example, sales has salesforce, customer support has well-adopted ticketing systems, engineering has source control and bug tracking systems. All of these provide in-depth accountability, management transparency and organization. Marketing is still, however, struggling to adopt CMSs and marketing automation largely because of diverse needs, and the resulting vendor fragmentation. If anything, marketing can learn about technology adoption from other disciplines.

Although sometimes used interchangeably ‘content strategy’ and ‘content marketing’ refer to very different though often connected disciplines. How and where should these activities be organized?

Content marketing and content strategy are different but often overlap. My diagram below is my perspective on where the responsibilities differ and are shared.

Content strategy and content marketing

Does the ‘internet of things’ have an immediate or near-term impact on your organization’s information or collaboration infrastructure? How so?

Working in B2B setting, it does not have an immediate impact on us. Just like we are setting website personalization have the first impact on B2C, I expect it to trickle down to B2B companies from a content standpoint years from now.

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Track C: Content, Marketing, and the Customer Experience

C12: Content Marketing Panel
Wednesday, December 3: 2:00 p.m. – 3:20 p.m.

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