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Summer Webinar Recap: In Case You Missed Them

Here’s a quick rundown of summer educational events in which we participated with our partners. View these archived webcasts that you might have missed,  or refresh your subject matter expertise as your organization heads into fall business activities.

Publishing Production Outsourcing: Wolters Kluwer’s Formula for Success 

Integration Calculus: CMS + TMS = Turbo-Accelerated Creation of Multilingual Product Documentation

Making Quality Part of Your Content DNA

Content, Context, and Conversation: The Three Kings of Consumer Engagement

Fall webcasts include insights from Gilbane’s 2010 research on XML and multilingual marketing content, customer success stories, eBook challenges, web engagement, and web content governance. Look for announcements on our home page and blogs, in our weekly NewsShark, and through our social media channels.

Multilingual Product Content at Voith: Case Study on Integration

Cross-posted on the Gilbane Press Releases and Announcements Blog

June 24, 1:00 pm ET

At last year’s Localization World conference in Berlin, we heard a terrific case study presentation by Voith, a German industrial manufacturer serving paper, energy, mobility, and service markets. The session was introduced by Daniel Nackovksi from Across Systems, Voith’s language technology partner. Nackovksi commented that while the integration of content management and translation management was critical to Voith’s content globalization strategy, the use of XML was the real key to the company’s accelerated creation of multilingual product content. Ah, music to our ears. We remember thinking what a great webinar the Voith story would make . . .

In this webinar, Voith share its formula for success with multilingual product content creation and delivery. Voith is one of the Europe’s largest family-owned businesses, with sales of EUR 5.1 billion. Voith machines produce more than one-third of the world’s paper, and its generators and turbines generate more than 30% of the electric energy generated worldwide by hydro power. Learn how content management, translation management, and smart content drive customer satisfaction for Voith and its customers.

Integration Calculus: CMS + TMS = Turbo-Accelerated Creation of Multiingual Product Documentation

Register now. Moderated by Gilbane. Sponsored by Across.

Speaking of Localization World Berlin, at this year’s conference (June 8-9) we’re moderating a panel entitled Collision or Convergence? Managing the Intersection of Content Management and Translation Management Systems.  CMS/TMS integration is on Gilbane’s content globalization 2010 Heat Map. The Voith webinar and the Localization World panel explain why and provide guidance on making making it work within global enterprises.

Managing the Shift from Experience to Engagement

We have the honor of presenting at the popular Web Managers Roundtable meeting in Washington, DC, this Thursday, May 27. The general topic is managing global user engagement. Our talk explains why global companies need to rethink their web presence and shift investments from “world-class customer experience” to web experience management. What are the trends driving this fundamental shift, what are the implications for web managers, and how can you create competitive advantage by embracing it?

Our co-presenters are James Dianto, Senior Director of Content and Localization for Hilton Hotels and Andrew Draheim, president, Dig-It. The Roundtable is hosted by Hilton and sponsored by Hilton, SDL, Welocalize,, and CapTech.

There’s still time to request an invitation if you’re in the DC area. Visit the event page for details.

Selling Content Globalization Investments to Executives

When working with enterprise clients, we are inevitably involved in helping our operational champions sell investments in content globalization practices and infrastructures. Sometimes business case support is a formal part of the engagement, and sometimes it just evolves as part of what we do to help companies create competitive advantage with content in multiple languages.

In a recent joint Gilbane/SDL webinar, we made the point that the last pitch to top executives — the one required to seal the deal for funding — is fundamentally different from the others made along the way. If you’ve made it to the executive suite, you’ve done a good job so far. But too often, we’ve seen clients fail to secure investment because they use the same approach to selling that’s enabled them to pass through the previous gates. Some common points of failure when selling globalization technology to executives include:

  • Investment focus that is too tactical.
  • Poorly expressed pain points.
  • Lack of strategic value proposition tied to the top line.
  • Vague ROI.
  • No vision that ensures sponsorship and ongoing support beyond the initial project.

These points of failure can be addressed by recognizing that the funding conversation with executives is truly different, and by restructuring the approach to presenting the value propositions related to the investment you’re seeking. For the webinar, we developed a value-oriented framework for selling globalization technology within the highest levels of the organization. Its four components, as illustrated above, can guide you through the process of creating and delivering an executive sales pitch biased for success. We used the framework to examine six ways to recast an executive sales pitch. We backed up brief analyses of weak and strong answers with data from Gilbane research and real-world customer experiences.

The recorded webinar is now available on the SDL website.

New Gilbane Beacon on High-Volume Data Challenges

We’ve published a new paper on addressing large-scale integration, storage, and access of complex information. As Dale mentions in his entry over on our main blog, the paper frames the discussion in terms of challenges to Open Government initiatives. We note, though, that the exploration of obstacles to effective, efficient processing of high volumes of data and content is relevant across many industries.

We’re cross-posting here on the XML blog because the paper deals wtih XML content and the XML family of standards, including XQuery and XPath.

The Gilbane Beacon is available as a free download from Gilbane and from Mark Logic, sponsor of the paper.

Content Globalization: Hot Topics at Gilbane San Francisco

We’re featuring multlingual content strategies, practices, and technologies in four sessions on the San Franciso program:

  • Reaching Global Audiences: Case Studies in Multilingual Multisite Web Content Management
  • Breaking Out of the Silo: Improving Global Content Value Chains by Collaborating Across Departments
  • Content Metrics: Tools for Measuring ROI in Global Content Infrastructures
  • Eliminating the Multilingual Multiplier: Addressing the Cost of Producing Formatted Content in Multiple Languages

These topics are among the hot spots on Gilbane’s 2010 Content Globalization Heat Map, which identifies a set of key investments that companies can make today to advance their content globalization practices and overcome language afterthought syndrome. (See this presentation for more information on these concepts.)

We’re in the process of populating the sessions with top-notch speakers. Check the Gilbane San Francisco conference site for updates. Twitter is #gilbanesf.

Gilbane Group Welcomes New Experts

We’re pleased to announce that Gilbane Group has welcomed three new senior analysts and consultants:  Vince Emery, Karen Golden, and Sue Willard.

Vince, Karen, and Sue come to us with stellar credentials and the kind of “been-there-done-that” expertise that is a Gilbane competitive advantage as an analyst and consulting firm. Their bios have been posted on our consultants page.
With a background in global branding and multilingual content and web presence, Vince will be a key part of the team covering the intersection of our Content Globalization and Web Content Management Practices. He is based in San Francisco and strengthens Gilbane’s Bay Area presence.
Sue’s expertise in multilingual content, localization, and project management brings a new voice to our Content Globalization practice, and her insights into helping companies understand what’s involved in technology implementation will serve Gilbane’s user clients very well.  
Karen’s background in a variety of structured content applications, content analysis, and web analytics will enable her to contribute across several Gilbane practice areas. Her experience as a buyer and implementer of content technologies will be especially valuable as we develop new programs and services that align with Gilbane’s market education mission.
Our newest team members will be posting their first blog entries shortly. Look for them on Twitter, too.
Welcome, Sue, Vince, and Karen!

New Gilbane Beacon Targets Digital Marketers

We’re pleased to announce the publication of a new Gilbane Beacon entitled Lessons for Digital Marketers: What Marketing Professionals Can Learn from the World’s Leading Publishers.

From the introduction:

". . .  Internet marketing will increase at the expense of traditional advertising, which is predicted to decline. This means that digital marketers will clearly be challenged to bring in the lion’s share of new customers and revenues. . . . 

"Gilbane believes that digital marketing managers can learn a great deal about leveraging content assets by drawing on the experiences of other content-rich organizations. One of the best candidate industries for lessons learned is the publishing industry. Challenges faced by CMOs and publishers are very similar: content closely tied to revenue streams, large volumes of diverse content types, rapidly evolving expectations regarding personalized content and interactivity, and requirement for frictionless publishing in order to meet the need for content immediacy. "

The paper is available for download now, along with a recording of the companion webinar. The paper will also be distributed at next week’s Gilbane Boston conference.

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