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Opinion / Analysis

AI scaling myths

Scaling will run out. The question is when.

Sayash Kapoor and Arvind Narayanan shed light on a number of misconceptions or unstudied assumptions while answering the question.  (8 min)

Multilingual large language models and curse of multilinguality

“This paper aims to provide a brief overview of the architectures of the most prominent multilingual LLMs, including details such as their pre-training objective functions, data sources, tokenization schemas, the number of languages supported, and the peculiarities of each individual multilingual LLM. Subsequently, the primary challenge facing multilingual LLMs, known as the “curse of multilinguality” Conneau et al. (2020), and the current attempts to solve it, are discussed.”

This paper by Daniil Gurgurov, Tanja Bäumel, and Tatiana Anikina is a comprehensive and current update on multilingual LLM tools and challenges. (18 min)

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Content technology news

RWS launches Trados Studio 2024

The latest version includes advanced AI capabilities and a plethora of new features to boost productivity and increase translation quality.

Elastic introduces Playground to accelerate RAG development with Elasticsearch

The new interface enables developers to iterate and build RAG applications for A/B testing LLMs, tuning prompts and chunking data.

Graph analytics enhanced by GraphAware & Senzing

The partnership integrates Senzing entity resolution capabilities into GraphAware Hume, GraphAware’s graph-based enterprise intelligence platform.

Box enhances Box AI for intelligent content management

Enterprises to get unlimited access to Box AI in Notes, Documents, and Hubs, GPT-4o Integration in Hubs, new file types, and developer tools.

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