This week we feature articles from Louise de Leyritz, and Ben Thompson.

Additional reading comes from Mike Loukides, Michael Andrews, and Vik Paruchuri, Samuel Lampa & Trey Saddler.

News comes from Ontotext, Contentstack, Databricks, and Snowflake.

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Opinion / Analysis

AI assistants, copilots, and agents in data & analytics: What’s the difference?

Understanding AI autonomy: assistants, copilots, agents, and their impact on business value

Louise de Leyritz provides a well-written piece especially valuable for non-technical management, but also useful for many others across your organization. (7 min)

Apple Intelligence is right on time

Ben Thompson published this article just before Apple’s announcements a couple of days ago after an apparent, and accurate, leak. Thompson’s analysis remains on target and is a good read. (16 min)

More Reading

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Content technology news

Ontotext announces Metadata Studio 3.8

Metadata Studio (OMDS) is a tool designed for knowledge graph enrichment through text analytics of unstructured documents.

Contentstack updates personalization tools

Extends headless CMS with new capabilities to overcome the personalization challenges of delivering highly targeted, branded content.

Databricks to acquire Tabular

With support for Apache Iceberg and Linux Foundation Delta Lake lakehouse formats organizations are not limited by formats their data is in.

Snowflake announces enhancements to Snowflake Cortex AI,  Snowflake ML, and more

Additional announcements include Snowflake Copilot, Cortex Guard, Document AI, Hybrid & Iceberg Tables, Guard, Trail, and Pandas API.

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