Ontotext, a provider of enterprise knowledge graph and semantic database engines, announced the latest version of Ontotext Metadata Studio (OMDS), a tool designed for knowledge graph enrichment through text analytics of unstructured documents. Version 3.8 aids in the creation, evaluation, and quality improvement of text analytics services. With more intuitive and effective search solution capabilities, enhancement to OMDS removes the difficulties users face when exposing semantic search over their documents, especially when they are working with their own, custom reference domain models. Updates include:

  • Enhanced Domain Model Search Interface transforms the reference annotation schema into a user-friendly search interface, allowing exploration and retrieval of content based on the preferred domain data model.
  • Knowledge Graph Enrichment and Extension enables users to reuse their domain models so they can be leveraged for advanced analytics and quality management.
  • Advanced Search Capabilities supports all types of searches. The solution allows users to conduct simple searches such as identifying documents containing specific text as well as complex queries that filter documents based on the presence or absence of certain text and combinations of metadata objects and property values.
  • Improved Usability and Workflow Efficiency enables users to organize content effortlessly by moving documents between corpora or deleting them from the database.