Flatfile, a data exchange platform, announced their Spring 2024 release with new AI-powered data transformation and data migration capabilities for business users, data analysts and systems integration teams as well as improved tooling and extensions for data exchange solution developers. The Flatfile Data Exchange Platform provides software development teams with an efficient and easy way to build exactly the data collection, transformation and migration solution their users need. Spring 2024 release highlights:

  • With AI Transform, business users can overcome the challenges of manually editing large data sets. This tool allows users to describe in natural language how they’d like to change their data and preview all potential changes in a convenient before-and-after view. This new co-pilot significantly simplifies and accelerates the cleanup and validation of enterprise data.
  • The new “Shared Views” feature, powered by the advanced filtering and querying capabilities of Flatfile workbooks, allows data migration teams to collaborate on the same data set while dynamically sharing precise data slices with relevant team members.
  • The new dashboard introduces a selection of pre-built apps, offering developers a streamlined approach to customizing their Flatfile experience. These apps support common use cases, such as embedded data importers or collaborative data onboarding projects.