Snippets from the Adobe blog…

Today, we announced the general availability of Adobe Acrobat AI Assistant for enterprise customers. Acrobat AI Assistant allows you to interact with your documents in Acrobat for quick answers and one-click summaries to create impactful content and improve productivity. It brings together our deep knowledge of PDF documents with our proprietary technology for document processing.

  • For Adobe Acrobat’s generative AI features, we currently leverage Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service, which is contractually prohibited from manually reviewing or training its LLM on Adobe customer data.
  • We leverage Microsoft Azure OpenAI’s content filtering service to moderate hate, sexual, violent, and self-harm content.
  • The Acrobat AI Assistant only looks at the information presented in the document and no other external sources such as the web, email or stored content in other locations are referenced.
  • Adobe’s custom attribution engine and proprietary AI generates citations so users can easily verify the source of answers from within the user-provided documents.
  • The AI Assistant responses are for individual consumption only. Even responses on shared documents on web are only accessible to that user.
  • User content, prompts, and responses are encrypted in transit. At rest, data stored by the Acrobat Generative AI Service is encrypted using SHA-256.