, specialists in providing AI-powered language solutions to enterprises, today announced the launch of the Insight Engine for Life Sciences.

For the world of drug research and development, data is both a challenge to be managed and an opportunity. The ability to effectively and quickly mine scientific and biomedical content for developing new drugs and to design and operate clinical trials is critical. The complexity of the diverse data sources that researchers depend on makes integrating, standardizing and analyzing them both challenging. Commercial licensing and data access restrictions, as well as the lack of granularity and different taxonomies used by common search tools complicate the process.

Advanced AI technologies provide the capability to mine and aggregate scientific content, synthesize knowledge, extract relevant information & reveal hidden correlations, helping researchers quickly access and analyze a vast amount of relevant information coming from biomedical and scientific literature, including full texts, speeding up the discovery and development of new drugs and therapies. Insight Engine for Life Sciences supports multiple use cases, including competitive intelligence, clinical trial design optimization, intellectual property protection, and research intelligence.