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Opinion / Analysis

Hierarchy is Hard!

“Semantic hierarchy is a foundational concept in language understanding. Hyponyms and hypernyms are at the heart of relationships among words, categories, and query intents. But developing and maintaining hierarchical taxonomies is challenging in general, and especially so for queries. Still, this is a challenge that is worth pursuing, since it offers the potential of a more principled, intuitive way to manage precision-recall tradeoffs.”

Daniel Tunkelang does a nice job explaining and setting expectations with easy examples in (4 min).

Introducing DBOS Cloud: transactional serverless computing on a cloud-native OS

Many of you will be familiar with Mike Stonebraker from Ingres, Postgres, Informix, VoltDB, or a number of other database products. He has been working with Matei Zaharia (Stark and Databricks) and teams at MIT and Stanford on DBOS (a database operating system), and they have just released a cloud version. Stonebraker explains why we need it. (4 min)

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Content technology news

Brightcove announces web-based video editing tool

The in-platform editing functionality to ease the video content creation process for teams who want to publish high-quality videos quickly.

Apache Software Foundation announces Apache Wicket v10

The open source Java framework enables developers to create feature rich websites and applications quickly while also using less code.

Deepgram launches Aura, a text-to-speech API for real-time, conversational voice AI agents

Developers can build conversational voice AI agents that  interact with customers, employees in a natural and engaging way.

Foxit PDF Editor Suite expands AI capabilities

Smart PDF Commands is a new Foxit PDF Editor feature designed to streamline document processing workflows with 80+ pre-defined actions.

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