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Opinion / Analysis

Are the humanoids here to stay?

While the market for robots that resemble, and perform some human-like activities, remains small, there is increasing optimism that such humanoids will soon become capable of a wide variety of productive use-cases. Nikolaus Correll is one such optimist and explains why in this non-technical article. (10 min)

Croissant: a metadata format for ML-ready datasets

“Machine learning (ML) practitioners looking to reuse existing datasets to train an ML model often spend a lot of time understanding the data, making sense of its organization, or figuring out what subset to use as features. So much time, in fact, that progress in the field of ML is hampered by a fundamental obstacle: the wide variety of data representations.”

Omar Benjelloun & Peter Mattson point out that existing metadata formats were designed for data discovery rather than the broader and more complex requirements of machine learning practitioners. Croissant sounds promising, now it just needs a critical mass of adopters. (4 min)

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New Adobe Express mobile app brings Firefly generative AI models to mobile workflows

Creative Cloud subscribers can easily access and edit designs from Photoshop and Illustrator directly within the Adobe Express mobile app.

The Zeus update introduces AI-powered Concept and Visual Search to help HawkSearch customers generate more revenue.

Netlify unveils AI-enabled deploy assist to improve developer productivity

Netlify’s Composable Web Platform leverages AI to analyze failed deployments and provide suggestions to correct errors.

Box integrates with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service

The integration enables Box customers to benefit from the AI models, and combines enterprise standards for security, privacy, and compliance.

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