Franz Inc., an early innovator in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and supplier of knowledge graph technology for Neuro-Symbolic AI applications, announced Gruff 9, a web-based advanced knowledge Graph visualization tool that offers no-code queries, hypergraphs, dynamic graph displays, LLM integration and RDF* (RDFStar) features for building next-generation AI applications.

Gruff 9 provides users the ability to embed natural language LLM queries in SPARQL and visualize and explore the connections displayed in the results. Gruff now provides a unique visualization solution for the emerging RDF* standard from W3C.  The RDF* standard is an improvement over the labeled property graph approach (supported by other vendors) as it allows full hypergraph capabilities.

Gruff 9 is included with AllegroGraph Cloud, Franz’s hosted version of its Neuro-Symbolic AI platform. Gruff and AllegroGraph Cloud offers users a convenient and easy on-ramp to building advanced AI applications.

Franz Inc. recently announced AllegroGraph 8, its Neuro-Symbolic AI Platform that incorporates Large Language Model (LLM) components directly into SPARQL along with vector generation and vector storage for a comprehensive AI Knowledge Graph solution.