Digimarc announced they are now offering device manufacturers, chip manufacturers, and content creation platforms free access to its Secure, Automated, Fair, and Efficient (SAFE) digital watermark embedding and detection tools for digital assets, to protect digital content owners and consumers.

In addition to gaining compliance with upcoming global regulations, device manufacturers (camera, smartphone, tablet, laptop, and more) and content platforms can now offer content creators native (on-device or in-platform) tools to bind authenticity and ownership information to digital assets by embedding digital watermarks before assets are published, while also protecting manifests based on the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) standard. These manifests are often stripped from content when uploaded to content libraries, websites, or published on social media.

Last month, Digimarc introduced an open-source web browser extension to validate and display digital asset manifests based on the C2PA standard. The new Content Credentials Chrome extension allows content consumers to check images for C2PA manifests – adding a Content Credentials pin (“CR”) to the image if a manifest is present. The web browser extension is now available in the Chrome Web Store.