This week we feature articles from Kurt Cagle, and Mike Dillinger.

Additional reading comes from Michael Parekh, Jeremy Arancio, Sam Shedden, and Mike Loukides.

News comes from Neoj4, Acquia, Ontotext, and Fivetran.

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Opinion / Analysis

Do you really NEED that LLM?

Kurt Cagle explains why large language models (LLMs), specialized or not, may be overkill for many applications, describes some of the characteristics of those applications, and suggests knowledge graphs and other existing technologies that may be preferable. (6 min)

Knowledge graphs or plain ol’ snake oil: How would you know?

Mike Dillinger addresses the question of what a knowledge graph is, is not, and how it is different from related technologies and resources.

“The overarching goal of knowledge graphs is to store and reproduce conceptual information in a machine-accessible way, as verifiable facts linked to objective data — not only as statements or opinions…” (11 min)

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Content technology news

Neo4j collaborating with AWS to enhance generative AI results

The agreement includes integration with Amazon Bedrock for enterprise generative AI outcomes that are more accurate, transparent, and explainable.

Acquia Site Studio introduces capabilities to create Drupal and headless applications from a single platform

Now developers and marketers can create and manage digital experiences for traditional Drupal websites and headless applications using the same content.

Ontotext and TopQuadrant partner to accelerate adoption of graph and semantic technologies

Ontotext clients gain a knowledge graph creation and curation tool, while TopQuadrant clients get improved scalability, usability, performance.

Fivetran deepens relationship with Microsoft; adds new data lake destinations

Fivetran supports Microsoft OneLake through integration with Microsoft Fabric and Delta Lake on Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2.

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