Kobai, a codeless knowledge graph platform, announced a new partnership with Databricks so joint customers can leverage the insights of knowledge graphs with the Databricks Lakehouse Platform. Kobai’s Saturn platform is embedded directly in the data layer, allowing organizations to query data without moving it from the lakehouse, with W3C and Lakehouse standards providing interoperability.

Semantic data, which imparts meaning and context to information, plays a pivotal role in optimizing various aspects of the manufacturing process. By integrating semantic data into factory operations, enterprises can enhance their production efficiency, quality control, and predictive maintenance. This technology enables machines, sensors, and devices to communicate in a more intelligent and coherent manner, facilitating real-time monitoring and analysis of production lines. Semantic data aids in the creation of interconnected systems that can adapt and self-optimize.

Kobai’s codeless platform provides a business-first approach and collaborative environment to rapidly share insights across the entire organization, transforming the way enterprises capture and create their business logic with a whiteboard experience. The Saturn knowledge graph works directly with Kobai’s Studio framework and Tower visualization products to infuse data with meaning and context, creating a semantic data fabric that grows over time.