Merkle announced the launch of its new global accelerator for Salesforce Commerce Cloud, which enables brands to achieve a modern composable, API-first architecture faster. Developed to work with Contentful and Magnolia, the accelerator extends Salesforce Commerce Cloud and streamlines integration with other enterprise content management platforms.

By joining forces with Contentful and Magnolia, Merkle enables businesses to implement enterprise-ready headless content management capabilities with Salesforce Commerce Cloud. The new accelerator drives improved time to market, a future-ready technology architecture, and greater innovation in front-end consumer experience. It allows brands to manage front-end site experience and web content through the content management platform, in addition to user experience functionality. This reduces the initial front-end development work for brands to implement a headless architecture.

The accelerator brings together Merkle’s Salesforce Commerce Cloud expertise and modern content management platforms Contentful and Magnolia, and is supported by Merkle’s global design system to expedite design and provide brand experience components. This gives businesses the tools to create and deliver exceptional digital commerce experiences while reducing cost and time to implement composable architectures.