Bloomreach announced a conversational shopping product built for a new world of e-commerce. Using generative AI and large language models (LLMs), Bloomreach Clarity engages with shoppers to deliver personalized, product expertise straight from their favorite brands. Businesses connect these conversations directly to product catalogs, and can integrate individual conversations across channels, including website, chat, and SMS.

Bloomreach Clarity is built upon a real-time customer data engine and trained on more than a decade of commerce data. This gives it a understanding of how customers shop and how products perform globally, based on Bloomreach’s rich data and AI, and at the individual level, based on a business’s real-time data. While Clarity is showing customers relevant information and products, it’s also prioritizing what it knows they’ll actually buy. Clarity also offers control and optimizations for businesses as they introduce this conversational experience to customers, including:

  • The ability for merchandisers to combine their instinct and expertise with the speed and scale of AI
  • Real-time targeting that allows Clarity to prompt conversations based on a customer’s current journey or specific segment
  • Personalized conversations, even for unknown visitors based on browsing behavior
  • The ability to refine conversations using brand guidelines and tone of voice