CrafterCMS, an open-source headless CMS for enterprises, announced the general release of version 4.1. The new release includes three major new capabilities: 1) a new content authoring Dashboard, 2) an improved Sidebar in the content authoring experience, and 3) a switch to OpenSearch as the embedded search engine both for the content authoring experience, and for building personalized digital experiences and other search-driven content applications via the CrafterCMS Search APIs. OpenSearch replaces Elasticsearch as the built-in search engine for CrafterCMS going forward.

With version 4.1, CrafterCMS provides enterprises with a modern headless CMS for their composable digital experience platform (DXP). Pre-built plug-ins, integrations and blueprints from the CrafterCMS Marketplace may be used by administrators to compose tailored authoring experiences for a variety of content management use cases, and by content creators to compose engaging digital experiences for end users through an drag-and-drop user interface. CrafterCMS also provides a Git-based content repository and support for DevContentOps.

CrafterCMS version 4.1 community edition is available immediately for free download under the GPL v3 open-source license, and the enterprise edition is available for customers and certified partners through the CrafterCMS customer support portal.