Snowflake announced new advancements to its single, unified platform that make it easier for organizations to get value from all of their data. With Document AI (private preview), Snowflake is launching a new large language model (LLM) built from Applica’s generative AI technology to help customers understand documents and put their unstructured data to work. Building on Snowflake’s support for unstructured data, Snowflake’s built-in Document AI will make it easier for organizations to understand and extract value from documents using natural language processing.

Document AI stems from Snowflake’s acquisition of Applica (Sept. 2022) and leverages its purpose-built, multimodal LLM. By integrating this model within Snowflake’s platform, organizations will be able to easily extract content like invoice amounts or contractual terms from documents and fine-tune results using a visual interface and natural language. Customers are using Document AI to help their teams be smarter about their businesses, and enhance user productivity in secure and scalable ways. Snowflake is starting with Document AI and plans to expand these capabilities to more types of unstructured data.