Acquia has enhanced the capabilities of its digital experience platform, Acquia DXP, to create more personalized experiences for customers. The combination of the customer data platform (Acquia CDP) and Acquia Personalization enables customers to create digital experiences based on knowledge gained from a broader array of channels, making the most of their anonymous, known, and understood customer data.

  • Personalizing customer journeys of anonymous visitors as they become known and understood. By continuously collecting behavioral data, marketers can assemble it into a single profile view. This improves as additional identifying information becomes available, allowing the visitor to progress from anonymous to known to understood.
  • Consolidating all IDs associated with a unique individual, regardless of channel and device. As a customer moves among channels, multiple tracking IDs are generated through interactions with different systems and potentially from multiple client devices.
  • Creating responses to customer actions that take into account interactions at every touch point. Use behavioral data from the website to make product recommendations based on past interactions, even before the customer has been identified.

Acquia CDP and Acquia Personalization are available standalone or within Acquia DXP. Both products support composable customer data strategies through integrations with other Acquia and third-party marketing products.