PingCAP, a developer of distributed SQL database solutions, announced the release of TiDB 7.1, the newest iteration of its open source product, with enhanced features, improved performance, and greater ease of use. TiDB powers all applications with elastic scaling, real-time analytics, and continuous data. With simplified operations and enhanced MySQL compatibility, users can better meet high customer expectations and accelerate the productivity of developers and infrastructure engineers. TiDB 7.1 allows users to:

  • Stabilize business-critical workloads by giving multi-workload stability control to DB operators and significantly improving tail latencies.
  • Speed up workloads with fewer resources via architectural enhancements for higher throughput, lower storage costs, and reduced scaling time.

TiDB 7.1 also makes generally available multiple enhancements and key features added in prior non-stable releases since TiDB 6.5, including:

  • Multi-tenant UX – Allows operators of TiDB to set resource quotas and priority for different workloads.
  • Added flexibility and speed with a multi-value index – Also known as a JSON index, a multi-value index (supported in MySQL) enables an N:1 mapping of index records to data records.
  • Accelerated Time to Live (TTL) – Better performance and resource utilization by parallelizing across TiDB nodes.
  • Accelerated analytics with late materialization.