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News comes from Adobe, Ontotext, Kobai, and Syncro Soft.

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Opinion / Analysis

ChatGPT plugins

Many, perhaps most, of the problems with large language models like GPT are due to data limitations (availability, age, quality). The ability to complement GPT data with external knowledge and data sources you own or trust, or are specific to your industry or business, increases model quality, context, and utility. LlamaIndex APIs can help you accomplish this. Now ChatGPT plugins take integration possibilities up a level. This post by the OpenAI team is the best place to get up-to-speed on the first batch of plugins, and what they’re planning. (12 min)

Nine ChatGPT tricks for knowledge graph workers

A helpful show-and-tell from Kurt Cagle… 

“Where things get interesting is in the realm of coding and semantics… most of these samples made use of ChatGPT+ for experimentation and the DaVince OpenAI Playground for generating more complex output.” (22 min)

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Content technology news

Adobe announces multiple product updates

Adobe announcements focused on generative AI services, personalization, content management, product analytics, and content supply chain.

Ontotext releases Metadata Studio 3.2

Enables rapid text mining development based on an organization’s knowledge graph with non-technical contributors in the loop.

Kobai launches Saturn Knowledge Graph 

Kobai Saturn platform users to query data at Lakehouse scale and integrate every use case and function into a single semantic layer.

Syncro Soft releases Oxygen XML suite 25.1 

Updates to Oxygen XML Editor, Author, Developer, Web Author, Publishing Engine, WebHelp, PDF Chemistry, and Scripting, and Oxygen Feedback.

All content technology news

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