Confluent, Inc., a data streaming platform, announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Immerok. Immerok is a contributor to Apache Flink, a technology for building stream processing applications and a popular Apache open source project. Immerok has developed a cloud-native, fully managed Flink service for customers looking to process data streams at a large scale and to deliver real-time analytical insight. Immerok leadership includes multiple Flink Project Management Committee members and Committers for the open-source technology, and would add extensive stream processing expertise to the Confluent team upon the closing of the transaction.

Confluent plans to accelerate the launch of a fully managed Flink offering that is compatible with its managed Kafka service, Confluent Cloud. Thanks to Flink, Kafka Streams, and ksqlDB offerings available natively on Confluent, customers are expected to soon have access to the three stream processing tools designed specifically to process and enrich data in real time.

Confluent’s initial focus will be to build an Apache Flink service for Confluent Cloud, bringing a cloud-native experience that delivers the same simplicity, security and scalability as Confluent for Kafka.