Datadobi, provider of an unstructured data management platform, announced enhancements to its multi-vendor, multi-cloud unstructured data management platform StorageMAP. The 6.3 release introduces the ability to copy file data to any S3-compatible object storage system. The new file-to-object copy functionality adds to StorageMAP’s ability to help IT leaders archive, pipeline, and replicate file data to S3.

Unstructured data makes up 80% or more of enterprise data and is growing by 55% to 65% per year, making it difficult for companies to keep up with unstructured data management efforts. The complexity of today’s heterogeneous storage environments has caused organizations to cite the need to manage unstructured data as a problem for their business.

With StorageMAP 6.3, companies can create a copy of file data on a cost-effective object storage server or service within different geographies, tech stacks, or networking providers. This enables organizations to archive aging and/or redundant, obsolete, and/or trivial (ROT) data to less expensive storage, pipeline data to the cloud for running cloud-native analytics and AI/ML applications against the data, or maintain a safe copy of data on heterogeneous storage operating systems (OS) helping protect against OS specific bugs or hacks.