Ontotext introduced Ontotext Metadata Studio, built on top of the GraphDB and Ontotext Platform. Metadata Studio enables organizations to get more out of their content by unlocking new business models or achieving cost optimizations by putting their own Subject Matter Experts (SME) at the heart of text analysis.

With Ontotext Metadata Studio, organizations can use business analysts to define Semantic Objects as specific views, abstracting developers away from the complexity and peculiarities of the knowledge graph. This allows them to reference the pre-existing domain knowledge modeled in their ontologies and annotate relevant documents following the established Annotation Guidelines for the specific use case.

Ontotext Metadata Studio can be integrated with many text analysis services via GraphDB’s Text Mining Plugin, e.g., spaCy, IBM Watson, Amazon Comprehend, Google NLP, Ontotext Tag (powering the Ontotext NOW demonstrator), etc. This enables the evaluation of a service or the suitability of a combination of services for the currently explored use case against the ground truth data produced by the annotators. This can shorten the Time to market (TTM) for new product development.