Tellius announced a partnership with Databricks to give joint customers the ability to run Tellius natural language search queries and automated insights directly on the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, powered by Delta Lake, without the need to move any data.

With Tellius, organizations can search and analyze their data to identify what is happening with natural language queries, understand why metrics are changing via AI-powered Insights, and determine next best actions with deep insights and AutoML. Connecting to Delta Lake on Databricks only takes a few clicks, and then users can perform a natural language search of their unaggregated structured and unstructured data to answer their own questions. They can drill down to get granular insights, leverage single-click AI analysis to uncover trends, key drivers, and anomalies in their data, and create predictive models via AutoML in Tellius. Answers and insights can be utilized to write back to source applications to operationalize insights. Faster data collaboration helps democratize data access across analytics teams with less worrying about performance or IT maintenance.