Siteimprove, announced the launch of Siteimprove Prepublish, technology that provides digital marketers with data and analytics to help ensure website content is error-free, optimized for SEO and accessibility, and aligned with brand standards. Bringing these together on a single platform as a CMS plugin or an API, Prepublish protects the quality of a brand’s website content before it goes live.

The Siteimprove Platform includes three solutions that support marketing departments, web teams and CMOs to deliver optimized content performance across marketing channel:

  • Marketing Performance. Intelligent insights are served daily across organic and paid search (SEO and ad insights, simplified Quality Score analysis, structured budget optimization, website speed) to ensure visibility and growth. Workflow integration with CMS/DXPs provides a seamless experience for marketing teams. Siteimprove works integrates with Optimizely, Adobe Experience Manager, Drupal, Tridion, Sitecore and Sitefinity.
  • Digital Inclusivity. Siteimprove Prepublish provides instant insights into accessibility issues and actionable recommendations in a single view, ensuring a brand’s content is in line with accessibility guidelines and regulations.
  • Content Experience. On-page SEO diagnostics pinpoint where brands can fine-tune their content with recommendations for SEO success. Customizable company policies give instant visibility into any violations of brand guidelines for a stronger brand presence.