Stardog, an Enterprise Knowledge Graph platform provider, unveiled Stardog 8.0, with new innovations to streamline data exploration and discovery for all citizen data users.

The new Advanced Query tool in Stardog Explorer empowers citizen data users to ask complex business questions via the semantic layer more easily. By removing the need to learn a graph query language, users can self-serve from across their enterprise data landscape. Also new in Explorer is the ability to see what’s in your Stardog database by browsing data source and virtual graph metadata in the new Stardog Data Catalog graph. Additional updates include:

  • Project resources (imported CSV files and virtual graphs) can be previewed and refreshed to see updates in the data.
  • Enhanced support for project collaboration through exporting, importing, and duplicating projects.
  • Our new query profiler is available and shows you the query plan, allows you to interrupt slow queries, and can show you partial results.
  • Error notifications now stay displayed and the error text can be copied for troubleshooting.
  • A new Stardog Data Catalog graph is built from the metadata about data sources and virtual graphs within a Stardog database.
  • Improved performance for querying multiple virtual graphs and SPARQL update queries.