Contentstack, a Content Experience Platform (CXP) provider, unveiled their Automation Hub, aimed at radically simplifying the deployment of composable architectures at any scale, to help marketing and IT move more rapidly and overcome technical and operational hurdles that adopting a composable architecture can introduce.

Composable architectures (or stacks) are seen as the path forward for enterprises to create digital experiences at the speed needed to respond to changing market demands and business threats. However, moving away from monolithic systems to a world full of choices often introduces technical complexity and operational challenges. Contentstack’s Automation Hub addresses both head-on by infusing simple, no-code, business logic as a front-end to the composable stack.

The Connect without Compromise program combines the new Automation Hub with Contentstack’s Blueprints, a library of best practices & expert guides for composable experiences. Connect without Compromise is a complement to Contentstack’s multi-vendor program designed to ensure cross-vendor support in composable environments. Through the Care without Compromise program, Contentstack and its Catalysts partners cooperate, communicate, and cross-train support staff to help ensure seamless delivery of joint solutions to customers globally. Contentstack Automation Hub is available today as part of Contentstack’s Platform Beta Program with general availability scheduled for late Summer 2022.