MerlinOne announced it is now possible to search across your entire video collection to find just the right bit of content you are looking for, simply by describing it. NOMAD for Video from MerlinOne takes you there with no additional effort required.

For most video searching you can only search for a filename; or in some systems, search by words spoken in the video. But many scenes have no narrative: how do you search for a kissing scene, or a car chase, or the sequence when the skier your company sponsors catches air going downhill while wearing your branded skis?

MerlinOne targeted this problem, recognizing it as critical for Digital Asset Management (DAM) and other applications. After five years of effort in AI, we have developed a solution. Two examples NOMAD for Video solves for you are:

  • Want to find the clip of your CEO with your company branding in the background?
  • Want to show a friend your favorite scene in a movie right now (no fumbling, no talking to stall while you frantically search)?

NOMAD for Video is an option in MerlinOne’s DAM system and is also available via API as a service to add this functionality to other systems.