Elastic announced enhancements across the Elastic Search Platform and its solutions. New capabilities in Elastic 8.2 enable customers to build seamless search experiences, accelerate troubleshooting of cloud-native services, and streamline security analyst workflows.

Enhanced capabilities in Elastic Enterprise Search include support for the Elasticsearch query syntax, allowing users to ingest and search over their existing Elasticsearch indices using prebuilt Enterprise Search tools. Development teams can leverage out-of-the-box tuning and analytics tools for fast search deployment, relevance management, and visibility into end-user search behavior without migrating their data or indexing pipelines. Updates to Elasticsearch Stack include:

  • Providing greater search speeds to optimize search experiences and reduce computational overhead with the technical preview of random sampler aggregation
  • Adding an improved Hierarchical Navigable Small World (HNSW) search algorithm to vector search.
  • Increasing precision and control of query data with a new approximate nearest neighbor filtering capability in technical preview
  • Giving users the ability to easily create custom search interfaces for Elasticsearch and Workplace Search with the general availability of Search UI, an out-of-the-box JavaScript framework
  • Enhancing the ability to fully customize and deploy SharePoint Server and SharePoint Online connector packages with open code libraries on GitHub