From the Google Cloud blog…

The volume of valuable data that organizations have to manage and analyze is growing at an incredible rate. This data is increasingly distributed across many locations, including  data warehouses, data lakes, and NoSQL stores.

Today, we’re excited to announce BigLake, a storage engine that allows you to unify data warehouses and lakes. BigLake gives teams the power to analyze data without worrying about the underlying storage format or system, and eliminates the need to duplicate or move data, reducing cost and inefficiencies. With BigLake, users gain fine-grained access controls, along with performance acceleration across BigQuery and multicloud data lakes on AWS and Azure. BigLake also makes that data uniformly accessible across Google Cloud and open source engines with consistent security. BigLake enables you to:

  • Extend BigQuery to multicloud data lakes and open formats such as Parquet and ORC with fine-grained security controls, without needing to set up new infrastructure.
  • Keep a single copy of data and enforce consistent access controls across analytics engines of your choice, including Google Cloud and open-source technologies such as Spark, Presto, Trino, and Tensorflow.
  • Achieve unified governance and management at scale through seamless integration with Dataplex.