Conscia, provider of the Digital Experience Graph (DXG), has been accepted into Contentstack’s Catalyst Program. Contentstack will be working with Conscia to bring headless personalization to their existing and prospective Content Experience Platform (CXP) customers. Conscia’s API-first DXG orchestrates personalized content across all customer touchpoints from a central point of control, giving business teams an intuitive way to manage personalization logic. Conscia and Contentstack are aligned on the principle that the logic for who sees what content on what channel and how that content is rendered on a specific screen, is a presentation concern, not that of the underlying content.

Conscia separates experience management from content management and sits on top of content sources such as CMSs, Commerce and Search platforms. UX and Marketing teams can get a channel, market, brand, and campaign centric view of the experience, and control the personalization logic without cluttering the content with ambiguous tags and/or hardcoding this logic on the front-end.