Bounteous announced it’s collaborating with digital experience company Acquia to launch Customer Data Platform (CDP) QuickStart Packages. In order to help create effective customer engagements at all stages of the journey, Bounteous has rolled out a solution based on Acquia CDP that unifies customer profiles to deliver more personalized messaging and provide a unique cross-channel experience for customers. This solution helps marketing organizations deliver more relevant customer experiences by leveraging customer data and machine learning from the very start.

Acquia Customer Data Platform helps unlock customer data to generate rich insights that drive engagement. With Acquia CDP, Bounteous integrates data across systems and channels to create unified, enriched customer profiles. From there, the teams can orchestrate personalized messages and offers in real-time, delivering better customer experiences and helping to calculate the right level of investment to maximize return.To learn more about enhancing your customer experience, learn how Bounteous can help your brand define a CDP strategy.