Jina AI, an open-source neural search company, announced $30 million in Series A financing from Canaan Partners, Mango Capital, GGV Capital, SAP.iO, and Yunqi Partners. The company, founded in February 2020, previously raised $39 million in total. With Jina AI’s core project, which is being built in the open on GitHub, users can create a cloud-native neural search solution with deep learning in a matter of hours. The company recently released another product called Finetuner, which lets users tune a neural search system for unique needs.

Jina AI has a developer community over 1,000, and adoption of its framework, enabling neural search applications for use cases as diverse as 3D assets for gaming content production, images on e-commerce sites and a Q&A chatbot that understands hybrid queries. Many applications built on top of Jina do not have (or need) a classic search box. For example:

  • One video game developer embeds Jina in the right-click menu of their 3D game editor, helping game developers auto-fill game assets for the current scene.
  • Another European legal-tech startup uses Jina to enable a question-answering experience on their millions of PDF documents, enabling them to pinpoint the crucial facts and terms via chatbot.