Neeva, an ads-free, private subscription search engine, announced that it now provides its users free access to NewsGuard’s trustworthy explanatory Nutrition Labels for news sources. With this partnership, Neeva’s search engine will deliver credible and transparent news assessments in search results. Neeva users now have instant access to NewsGuard’s labels alongside search results from news and information sources. NewsGuard analysts use nine apolitical criteria of journalistic practice to assess each website, and Neeva displays these Nutrition labels to its customers so that they can determine which news sources they want to engage with.

There is no censorship of source; instead, Neeva consumers will have access to information about the sources in their search results so that they can decide which sources are generally trustworthy and which ones are not. Research shows that rating credibility at the source level is a highly effective way to help consumers avoid relying on false content and increase their trust in credible and transparent sources.

Neeva and NewsGuard are both designed to support journalism and other content creation. Neeva will share at least 20% of topline revenue with content creator partners when their content is used to directly answer a Neeva customer’s query.