Franz Inc., announced AllegroGraph 7.2, which provides organizations with Data Fabric tools, including Graph Neural Networks, Graph Virtualization, Apache Spark graph analytics, and streaming graph pipelines to help data analytics professionals derive business value out of Knowledge Graphs. With AllegroGraph 7.2, users can create Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) and take advantage of an AI approach for Knowledge Graph enrichment via text processing for news classification, question and answer, search result organization, event prediction.

AllegroGraph 7.2 allows users to virtualize data as part of their AllegroGraph Knowledge Graph solution so the data remains in the source system and is linked and queried with other data stored directly in AllegroGraph. Any data source with a supported JDBC driver can be integrated into an AllegroGraph Knowledge Graph.

With AllegroGraph 7.2 and Apache Kafka, users can create a decision engine that produces real-time event streams based on computations that trigger specific actions. AllegroGraph accepts incoming events, executes instant queries and analytics on the new data and then stores events and results. Users can export data out of the Knowledge Graph and then perform graph analytics with Apache Spark. Users gain machine learning and SQL database solutions as well as GraphX and GraphFrames.