Gatsby, Inc., creators of the GatsbyJS open source project, announced the formal release of the Gatsby 4 web framework. Gatsby 4 new features include new page rendering modes, parallel query processing, and improved Gatsby Cloud preview.

With Deferred Static Generation (DSG), developers can now choose which pages to build immediately at build-time and which to defer to run-time, requiring only a single request before the content is cached and pushed to the edge. This new method of deferred rendering will open up Gatsby to a broader audience that may require more flexible approaches to page and site build times. It also unlocks the benefits of static-site generation for the largest sites.

Gatsby 4 also supports Server-Side Rendering (SSR), giving developers the choice of generating content at either build time, as with static-site generation, or at run time. With SSR, teams can now run more effective A/B tests, personalize content, and more all while still using the Gatsby framework.

Gatsby 4 also introduced support for Parallel Query Processing, allowing for a multithreaded approach to one of the most compute-intensive parts of the website build process. Gatsby Cloud utilizes multithreading and parallelism to tap into lower level APIs to offload multiple processes to speed up builds.