Contentstack, a Content Management System (CMS), announced it is acquiring the CMS division of Raw Engineering, a digital solutions company providing digital transformation strategy and custom development services. The team of more than 50 CMS and integration experts will join Contentstack and create a new offering of “Enablement Services” to customers and partners. This acquisition enables instant scaling of Contentstack’s partner success, customer success and ecosystem operations, an is an investment into the Catalysts partner program and the Care Without Compromise program, and makes a microservices, API-first, cloud-native SaaS and headless (MACH) approach practical for every organization.

Contentstack’s new Enablement Services will provide access to CMS and MACH subject matter experts and contribute technical know-how and tooling to make the journey to MACH faster. The new team will accelerate product innovation across the Contentstack ecosystem by contributing blueprints, integrations, developer resources and ecosystem enablement services beneficial to partners and customers.

The newly acquired team was part of the original group that pioneered headless CMS in the industry over a decade ago. These experts have years of experience implementing a range of traditional CMS suites, including Acquia, Adobe, Sitecore and TeamSite.