Umbraco launched Umbraco 9, the latest version of their flexible, fully customizable and content management system. Umbraco 9 features a complete update of the CMS’ technology stack, with a move from .NET Framework to now running completely on .NET 5 (previously known as .NET Core). This unique transformation offers better performance and scalability, a cleaner architecture, and compatibility with macOS, Linux and Microsoft Windows, opening up Umbraco to a larger pool of web developers.

Umbraco’s CMS family includes the flagship, open-source Umbraco CMS; Umbraco Heartcore, a headless CMS; Umbraco Cloud; and Umbraco Uno, a one-stop platform for non-technical marketers and creative agencies. With help from its active community members, including a large “best-of-breed” partner network that offers customized solutions that integrate with Umbraco, the company now counts more than 700,000 websites worldwide, the majority in Europe and the U.S, running live on its solutions.

The launch of Umbraco 9 also kicks off a steady release cadence for new major versions of Umbraco. This new cadence is aligned with Microsoft .NET Long Term Support (LTS) releases, which means users can be confident that future Umbraco LTS versions are always updated to the latest Microsoft technology.