Lilt, a language service and technology provider, announced the launch of Quick Translate, a product that provides access to high-quality machine translation in a secure environment. Quick Translate is part of the Lilt Platform and enables users to quickly translate content using a customized, human-in-the-loop trained neural machine translation engine. Use of publicly available, cloud-based solutions can entail dropping content directly into a non-secure machine translation engine, jeopardizing content security. With Quick Translate, users can enter source text or upload bundles of documents in a secure environment within the Lilt Platform. Lilt is Cyber Essentials and SOC-2 certified.

Trained by human linguists and human feedback, this engine continuously improves and learns, enabling it to generate higher quality translations. Quick Translate combines customized engines with Translation Memories, delivering content from a neural machine translation engine that has been trained on each customer’s unique content and translation preferences. Quick Translate provides an interface that is easy for non-technical and non-specialized stakeholders to use. Quick Translate enables individual users to easily batch translate multiple documents of the same source language (or languages) at once, providing quick access to time-sensitive information.