Optimizely announced it has acquired Zaius, a customer data platform (CDP), bringing the context of the customer to the experience creation and optimization process of digital experiences. With the addition of Zaius organizations can:

  • Harmonize: Zaius adds 50 pre-built connector apps, including Shopify, Snowflake and Zendesk, to Optimizely’s Digital Experience Platform (DXP), powering the ability to create a unified view of customers via one-click integrations and automated identity resolution with consent management.
  • Understand: Zaius’s segmentation engine coupled with Optimizely’s behavioral data (from experiments) and transactional insights (from its content and commerce platform) provides a new level of insight aided by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)-driven predictions.
  • Act: Zaius includes more than 125 pre-configured orchestration recipes that allow marketers to take the optimal action immediately based on the full context of digital performance now visible across the entire process from creation to optimization.

Optimizely’s DXP focuses on the creation and optimization of digital experiences. With Zaius’s CDP – including its capabilities for AI and ML – the platform can unlock more value by providing visibility and guidance through the lens of the customer.

https://www.optimizely.com ▪︎ https://www.zaius.com