Oro Inc. announced the release of OroCommerce 4.2., the open-source eCommerce solution purpose-built for B2B companies. Key upgrades include a revamped shopping list interface allowing B2B buyers to compile, review, and place large orders with complex configurations. The streamlined ordering and checkout process also boosts back-office efficiency and productivity for manufacturers and distributors, allowing staff to quickly respond to RFQs and manage customer orders. OroCommerce 4.2 is also faster, with gains in browser loading and processing speeds.

Content editing and previewing upgrades include the ability to maintain multiple websites under a single OroCommerce instance and preview changes for specific store sites. The new preview function also offers localized and personalized websites aimed at customer groups by geography or individual consumers. Other new features include an OroCommerce storefront with compliance with web accessibility requirements (ADA and WCAG). Text elements are more readable and buttons more intuitive to use, and storefronts include support for voice readers and keyboard navigation.

Finally, new OroCommerce API resources make it simpler for developers to test applications, with performance optimized for new authentication options and improved integration connectors performance. Dev teams can also look forward to increased stability.