Elcom, a Digital Experience Platform used to deliver digital-first strategies through intranets, digital workplaces, websites, and portals, announced the launch of Elcom V11.5. The Elcom team has enhanced the design and usability of the platform. Administrators and publishers have more choice and control around the management, delivery, and access of content-related experiences, while audiences will have greater flexibility in how they interact with these sites. The latest version provides:

  • Enhanced publishing and authoring experience. End users can publish articles by filling out a form and selecting new article attributes and metadata options. Publishers can also quickly change layouts and share drafts with external stakeholders securely.
  • Design and usability of dynamic widgets. Highlights include the ability to show featured articles, custom metadata to increase search options, and the ability to favourite content directly from a widget.
  • More flexibility with the forms tool. Highlights include the ability to pull in data from external sources, improved form validation rules and rendering on mobile.
  • Streamlined and automated processes with workflows for forms and content.
  • Additional mechanisms to keep data safe and secure. Including enhanced password security checks, new reports for administrators, and the ability to add reports in dashboards.