Northern Light announced the availability of many of its specialized competitive intelligence (CI) and market research content collections on the AWS Marketplace and the AWS Data Exchange, Amazon Web Services’ digital catalog comprising thousands of software applications from independent software vendors that run on AWS. Individuals can purchase selected Northern Light content by-the-seat on the AWS Marketplace as subscription SaaS applications. In addition, software developers can license Northern Light content on the AWS Data Exchange to embed in their own applications.

Northern Light content collections available through the AWS channels include: Business Thought Leaders; Information Technology (IT) Analyst Ratings; IT Analyst Social Media; IT Industry White Papers; Life Sciences Conference Abstracts; Drugs@FDA; U.S. Clinical Trials; PubMed Central; and PubMed Medline. Northern Light plans to make additional content collections available through AWS over time. When purchased as a SaaS application from the AWS Marketplace, each content collection is delivered with Northern Light’s user experience, including intelligent search enhanced with extensive industry and topical taxonomies, AI-driven automated insights reports, and content referral personalized to each user as the AI learns their particular interests.