Digital asset management software company, Third Light, has released a significant update to its digital asset management (DAM) software, Chorus, to deliver a complete collaborative DAM solution for creative teams. The update includes features designed to connect teams working remotely and facilitate collaborative project cooperation. With this update, Chorus now provides a suite of features that, used together, connect team members and drive creative projects-in-progress. File management tasks related to the DAM are connected to users’ desktop computers, freeing time and allowing teams to create and deliver their core roles. In this Chorus update, Third Light incorporates three key new features:

  • The Project Sync app, which synchronizes files between the media library and users’ desktops, allowing them to be used seamlessly with Adobe design and production software, without using plugins
  • File-by-file comments and reactions that allow teams to collaborate within the system, give feedback, post quick reactions via emoji and tag in other users, right next to the work itself.
  • Detailed activity reports that provide business intelligence to project owners and IT teams.